Board of Directors

President – Zeno

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ (Otwell, IN)

Home Con: Painted Desert since 2019

Favorite Con Memory: Uber eats ordering crispy cream doughnuts while sitting outside at a fireplace with a small group of friends and chatting until the sun came up.

Originally from Indiana I moved to Phoenix with my best friend and his family in ’98. I’ve been in phoenix ever since. Soon after moving my friend discovered the furries and I was friends by association. It wasn’t until 2007 until I really thought of myself as a furry. There have been some fun times and sad times, lots of laughter and tears. The fandom has really helped me grow as a person and I wouldn’t change very much of my experiences at all. Currently I’m working in an emergency room in downtown Phoenix as a emergency room nurse. I love what I do and I’m so very lucky to have found a job that I feel so passionately about. I’m very excited to see what we can do as AEIOU, I know there are going to be many bumps in the road, but I think its going to be a very exciting journey. I’m excited to have you all with me as we do grow and shape ourselves into something more.

Treasurer – Wolfletech

Hometown: Fall River, WI (It’s half the population of DenFur)

Home Con: AquatiFur since 2017

Favorite Con Memory: Accidently ruining a game for Beagle-In-Red when they were GoH since a bunch of furs carried him into the game room and hid him behind a curtain. I checked up on him when the “finders” were entering the room, giving away his location. Sorry Beagle! (Also the tennis ball team builder)

Awooing from the frozen tundra of Fall River, Wisconsin, the better Fall River (Points at Amazon!), Wolfletech is heavily involved in furry activities in the state. Founder of the Wisconsin Wilderness Campout, Furski, and Wisconsin Furs, Inc, the state’s non-profit event organization, he has been around the block a few times. Cheezy jokes are always welcome! The Hotspring at Chula Vista is a must! (also brand new Kwik Trip down the road, worth a stop!)

Creativity – Rory

Hometown:Lakewood, CA / Chandler, AZ

Home Con: Golden State since 2019

Favorite Con Memory:having a mental breakdown in a Home Depot during DenFur2021…

I’m Rory… just a fox from So. Cal. I was born in Arizona on a hot and steamy July day and after 19 years of living, I decided on a new adventure to work at one of those fancy Southern California theme parks and been there ever since. I discovered the fandom late in life, but have enjoyed every moment of it. It’s had a profound effect on my life for sure. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for a fox. Anyway… I have degrees in Architecture Design and Sustainability Management and I would love to be able to make cons more green/sustainable. Here’s to the adventures that are ahead and the friends that you make along the way. Oh and Bobsled!!!!

AV/IT – Maxwell

Hometown: Ridgecrest, CA

Home Con: Painted Desert since 2020

Favorite Con Memory: That moment at every con when you arrive at the con hotel and see the first random fursuiter and think: “here we go!”

Hailing from out in the high deserts of California, I’m a fluffy dragon that loves all things electronics (Electrical Engineer by trade) and computer programming (nerd alert!). The creative arts have never been my strong suit though, and being a part of the team who help host conventions lets me give back to the community in my own way!

Events – Nekobunny

Hometown: Snowflake, AZ

Home Con: Painted Desert Fur Con since 2019

Favorite Con Memory: I signed up to help during dance comp as a volunteer medic because a friend of mine was going to compete. I ended up somehow backstage with all the other dancers and got to meet all the talented furs and was just blown away! Plus I got to meet one of my favorite furries and got to give them a hug!!! 

HI! My name Is Nekobunny! I’m a very hyper white bunny or a sassy black/white/gray bunny. I am a retired firefighter and police officer of 7 years. I moved into making fursuits full time and am so happy about doing it. I try to host a fur meet every time I’m in phoenix. Working as a volunteer within the furry fandom has been inspirational to me and has helped me grow immensely as a person. As the Events board member of AEIOU I wish to make our programming and events the best I can. I want to make these events something that the community would be proud of having!

Human Resources – Nova

Hometown: Hesperia/Victorville. CA (Tucson, AZ)

Home Con: GSFC since 2019 (PDFC 2019)

Favorite Con Memory: I enjoy making homemade cookies for staff/volunteers to nom on through out the day and help to raise over $850 for charities.

I am Nova and my sona is SweetTart. I am a bisexual person. My pronouns are she/her. I have volunteered for may events over the years from cons, to running events, to feeding the homeless, to Girls Scout Troop. I love the give back and pay it forward. As I sit on the board of AEIOU, I would like to help the hosting state furry communities to have pride in their con. To help them grow in the community and as a family. I am so thankful that I have the pleasure to meet, enjoy and grow with the furry family. I can not thank everyone enough for all the memories. Love your face! #zebrastrong

Operations/Registration – Carbide

Home Town: Vacaville, CA

Home Con: GSFC 2019

Favorite Con Memory: Making new friends, spending money on the wonderful vendors in dealers’ den and eating lots of food with said new friends.

Born and raised in northern California, this wolf has been involved in the furry and anime scenes since the late 90s, when most cons were on college campuses and ICQ was the go-to messaging platform. He can be found fishing, building custom gaming PC’s, working as an infrastructure architect/analyst, playing paintball, cooking or generally being a potato. As a product of the late 80s, he lives on comedy, movie quotes, and idiotic behavior. CAUTION; when in story mode, this wolf tends to ramble. Always looking to lend a paw and help things run smoother, that is what he enjoys most!